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Question About 587

Thu Nov 15, 2001 12:23 pm

The aircraft's transponder stopped sending signals at 3,000ft, which indicates a major breakup of the fuselage and or the aircraft's systems.

Does this not point anyone away from wake turbulence to something much much more severe? The A300 may be old, but that aircraft is a brick. Well made. It was also full of people and fuel... it couldn't have been tossed around enough to result in all of this.

The airplane started falling apart after it's southeast turn after departure... tail... engine 1... engine 2... fuselage. That's the order of wreckage sites.

Eyewitness airline crews report seeing the plane wobble (perhaps buffet?) and then go over nose-first.

The breakup of the fuselage perhaps points to an explosion (although none was reported?) or maybe seperation of sections of the cabin.

Just found this interesting.