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Midway Airlines

Wed Jul 21, 1999 7:50 am

There is the chance that I may be flying Midway Airlines from CMH to MCO this August. Can anyone tell me if the service onboard is as good as they say? Is the service comparable to Delta Express? Would Midway's service be worth the stop in RDU? I'm trying to decide between Midway and Delta Express.

Thanks in Advance for the Info
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RE: Midway Airlines

Wed Jul 21, 1999 9:58 am

My answer is biased, as I used to work for JI and live in RDU. If you have the time fly JI, the service is very good and RDU is a very nice airport. Used to be AA hub.

FlyCMH, Go For Midway!

Wed Jul 21, 1999 10:11 am

Trust me, the stop in RDU is worth it. From CMH, you will be flying the CRJ to RDU. From RDU to MCO, there is a good chance you will be on the F100. Nevertheless, they are newer aircraft than the 732 that DL Express will put you up with.

Also, there is a good chance you will receive a snack service from RDU to MCO(from what I've experienced, a VERY good snack service).