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Rumor - Mesa To Get 10 737's?

Fri Nov 16, 2001 3:11 pm

Did anyone catch this off of today's (11-15-2001) Not-So-Daily-Banter over at planebusiness.com?

Finally, before we go this evening, we pass along a little tidbit of interest. While we would imagine that the news that US Airways will be able to fly more regional jets would be met with open arms by Mesa Air, which already handles a fair bit of the airline's regional jet flying, we hear through the grapevine that Mesa has its eyes on some different-sized fish.

We understand that Mesa Air is about to get into the business of flying.....737's. At least 10 of them, from what we understand. Now, isn't this interesting? I thought so.

I checked press releases for Mesa Airlines but couldn't find anything. It was also mentioned on one of the message boards at usaviation.com. Has anyone heard anything about this?


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RE: Rumor - Mesa To Get 10 737's?

Fri Nov 16, 2001 5:15 pm

My gut wants to say no, but I have heard stranger things before. I mean, this would be biting the hand that feeds you, or in there case, the three hands that feed them- US Airways, America West and Frontier.

Where would they be based out of? Where would they fly? That's the questions I have. If you base them out of PHX or DEN, that is just really asking to get yourself in trouble. Maybe ABQ? There are just a lot of unanswered questions at this point
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RE: Rumor - Mesa To Get 10 737's?

Fri Nov 16, 2001 6:13 pm

They better get high performers out of ABQ