Fumes In Cabin Of BAe 146 (Md80)

Wed Jul 21, 1999 5:04 pm

In our Australian news: there are speculations about Bae 146 aircraft
being under investigation for design fault (?) .
Apparently fumes from engines are being drag into the cockpit and the cabin (faulty rubber seal?)
Md 80 (none in Australia - as far as I know) suppose to have similar problem!
Crew can get , after while - 10,20 flights, very sick and not be able to fly at all!
Any more info?

Thank You
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RE: Fumes In Cabin Of BAe 146 (Md80)

Thu Jul 22, 1999 4:23 am

The problem with the MD-80s has to do with traces of hydraulic fluid getting into the cabin air.