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Hawaiian Air Fleet

Thu Jul 22, 1999 2:50 am

I used to live in Hawaii 'till about 5 years ago and spent way too much time watching Hawaiian Air DC-9's come in and out of LIH. Does anyone know what aircraft Hawaiian's fleet consists of at this time? Also, when, and with what aircraft will the aging fleet of DC-9's & 10's be replaced?
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RE: Hawaiian Air Fleet

Thu Jul 22, 1999 3:00 am

According to the Hawaiian Airlines website, ( the fleet consists of twenty - seven aircraft. There are two DC-10-30's, which operate with 299 seats, ten DC-10-10-'s which operate with 304 seats, and fifteen DC-9-50's which operate with 133 seats. Apparently, Hawaiian purchased a few DC-9-50's and DC-10's in recent years, so I don't know if they are thinking about replacing their DC-9's and DC-10's or not.
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RE: Hawaiian Air Fleet

Thu Jul 22, 1999 4:10 am

I believe that HA is in discussions with Boeing for 12-14 717-200s to replace the DC950s. A smaller no. of a/c are needed because of higher reliability. HA has not indicated its desire to replace the DC10s yet. Ill bet that theyll be around for at leasat another 5 years. I think most of the leases run until 2003. THey'll probabally look at used 767-300s to replace them.