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Thai And PB Air Support Open Sky Policy

Sun Nov 18, 2001 1:55 am

From the press release of Thai Airways International Public Ltd. (

THAI and PB Air Support Open Sky Policy
Thai Airways International Public Company Limited, PB Air Company Limited and the Department of Aviation recently met to discuss ways in which they may cooperate in response to the government’s domestic open sky policy.

The Thai government has recently announced its strategy of domestic open sky policy in order to give small carriers opportunity to operate on domestic routes previously served by THAI on condition that there would be no reduction in flight frequencies and a maximum utilization of airport facilities.

Mr. Vasing Kittikul, THAI’s Vice President, Sales and Distribution, said that THAI has been working closely with other Thai carriers with special emphasis on achieving maximum benefit for Thailand and the people.

As the national carrier of the kingdom of Thailand, THAI is currently operating on the trunk, secondary and auxiliary routes within Thailand, and is the core organizer in the setting up of the Thai Travel Industry Alliance. Therefore, THAI has encouraged flight operations of the alliance partners on its secondary and auxiliary routes, aiming to promote the Thai tourism industry by using the existing travel and tourism resources to the fullest capacity to generate maximum benefit for the country. At the last meeting between THAI and PB Air, which is also one of the members in Thai Travel Industry Alliance, both airlines have agreed that THAI should maintain its flight operations on the trunk routes, while other domestic carriers can operate on the secondary and auxiliary routes in a form of joint cooperation.

In compliance with the government policy, PB Air Company Limited has agreed to operate on some of THAI’s secondary and auxiliary routes. It is expected that at the end of November 2001, PB Air Company Limited will be able to begin its flight operations on the routes Bangkok-Lampang, Bangkok-Nakhon Phanom and Bangkok-Sakon Nakhon. In January 2002, PB Air will expand its flight operations to cover other domestic destinations namely Nan and Phetchabun.

Captain Jothin Pamon-Montri, PB Air’s President, said he was certain that passengers would find the service convenient and of the same excellent standard as THAI.

The flight operations of other domestic carriers on THAI’s secondary and auxiliary routes may commence only after an official announcement from the Ministry of Transport and Communications.

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RE: Thai And PB Air Support Open Sky Policy

Sun Nov 18, 2001 6:17 am

This really needs to happen. There is no way THAI can make profits on some of their domestic routes. Especially with the fares the government requires. A couple months ago I flew from Chiang Mai to Mae Hong Son and back. The RT ticket was around 800 baht, less than 20 dollars. It was a 20 minute flight in a 734. Even if they filled the plane it would be impossible to make a profit.
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RE: Thai And PB Air Support Open Sky Policy

Sun Nov 18, 2001 6:53 am

You are right. The worst thing is that some of THAI's domestic routes are quite unprofitable. The reason they are there is because to link some towns. This time it would be better off for THAI if they could just give some of their domestic routes and keep the trunk ones to other airlines in Thailand.

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