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Cockpit Monitoring

Fri Jul 23, 1999 3:04 am

is it possible to pick up the cockpit - to - air traffic or tower frequencies on an "air band" portable radio from INSIDE the plane? I was wondering. On a recent flight aboard a 737 i asked the F/A if they had headphones for the armrest-mounted audio system and they said no, not on that flight (i guess the flight was too short) so I tried my little radio in my carry-on but got nothing but static. I heard that you can pick it up on a certain channel of the plane's audio system (channel 9???) but how else can I pick it up? And is it really true that a little portable radio can disrupt the plane's navigation system?
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RE: Cockpit Monitoring

Fri Jul 23, 1999 3:48 am

Once I tried to hear that communications onboard a TAP flight from Faro to Lisbon but I didn't hear nothing and I don't know why if with the same scanner in my house I can listen perfectly.

If you use just a receiver there's no problem to avionics but F/A's may don't know this and to save time they just say "NO"

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