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Wed Nov 21, 2001 5:11 pm

I wanted to know about the topic made for Swissair/Crossair....

Is balair a Swiss carrier...??

Just Curious....

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RE: Balair

Wed Nov 21, 2001 6:51 pm

Yes balair is/was a swiss carrier. They recently renamed themself to belair.

As far as i know they had 2 or 3 767 which are parked now. Instead of this they have used or are still using a NG B767 for their lonhauls. The B757 are still operating I think. But I am shure the swiss forum members can put a little more light on this.
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RE: Balair

Wed Nov 21, 2001 7:08 pm

Balair is more, than only a charter airline. If you look backt in the history of Swissair, you will find, that Swissair was created after a merger of the two airlines named Ad Astra and ..... Balair.

Balair had also the well known "yellow wings": Look for balair A310 in the database and you will find aircraft with yellow wings.

At the end, Balair was operating 2 B763 and 2 B752. These B752 were operated for a Swiss tour operator called "Hotelplan", the owner of Belair now.

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RE: Balair

Thu Nov 22, 2001 1:03 am

Something I was always wondering about: Will Belair operate the B767s or just the shorthaul Boeings?

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RE: Balair

Thu Nov 22, 2001 4:26 am

For the time they only operate short haul flights; long range flights are flown by Lauda B767 for the time.
They will decide at the beginning of next year, whether they will lease a B767 to fly again long range legs; so no decision had been made yet.

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RE: Balair

Thu Nov 22, 2001 4:34 pm

Balair was a very good charter airline and it looks like that Belair will also be a very good Swiss airline. And Hotelplan Group (owner of the new Belair) said that they might rename the name Belair one day again into Balair (I hope so). I flow once with Balair this summer to Turkey and back and I loved them.