Liberty Bell 7 Raised

Fri Jul 23, 1999 4:51 am

On Monday, a team set out to find Gus Grissoms lost Mercury Capsule named "Liberty Bell 7". They raised it and are sending it to a Kansas Meseum.
I think they should have left it in the ocean, because Gus Grissom died in Apollo 1 (Fire on Pad 34). Grissoms's family said they hoped the team would not find the capsule. The capsule was lost shortly after splashdown, Gus was saved, and made it onto the helicopter. The capsule sat in total darkness, 3 Miles beneath the Atlantic since 1961. The hatch was blown open to early. It is not known how the explosive bolts ignited early, which blew the hatch. Liberty Bell was a suborbital flight (No orbit around the Earth) Liberty Bell 7 was propelled up to 115 Miles. Then it began reentry.
The flight lasted only 15 Minuates

Colin Kumpunen (American MD-80