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EasyJet Applies For Slots At BRU

Wed Nov 21, 2001 8:15 pm

Following the demise of Sabena, easyJet decided that it wants to start flying ex BRU. According to Bloomberg easyJet has applied for slots at BRU for flights to/from London Gatwick, Liverpool and Belfast. The operations should start next summer. Frequencies and number of slots requested unknown but i expect at least 3 daily flights for both Liverpool and LGW and a daily flight on the belfast route.

It looks like Brussels will become a battle ground for low cost operators. Ryanair offers services from Charleroi to/from London Stansted, Virgin Express is on the BRU-London Heathrow route and easyJet wants to have BRU London Gatwick flights (strange that they haven't chosen for flights to Luton).

I wonder what this news will mean for DAT +. Having easyJet as a competitor means bad news. Moreover as they will operate out of BRU and not Charleroi.

Laurens Janssen
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RE: EasyJet Applies For Slots At BRU

Wed Nov 21, 2001 8:31 pm

That sounds good for travellers but I wonder what's
about DAT's strategy in this coming situation! It
seems that companies like KLM and BA didn't suffer
so much with low-cost competitors (correct me if
I'm wrong...) so maybe DAT people could find new
orientations to make benefits! Baaah, I welcome
Easyjet in Belgium as any other companies but I still
believe in the good potential of DAT!

cheers to all,