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BMI A321's Parked Up At Ema!

Wed Nov 21, 2001 8:24 pm

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Over the last couple of days G-MIDC and G-MIDJ have been parked up by the BMI hangers at East Midlands. They have covers over the engines, so I take it that they have been parked up for the winter ??? I know that these aircraft are in charter config, as MIDJ has been with Air 2000 for the summer and MIDC has been operating charters out of MAN. The other charter aircraft is MIDM, any plans for this to be parked up to?
In previous years they have just been back to LHR operating schedules so I find this quite interesting that they have been parked up, anyone any ideas??? Seems a long time to leave two/three relatively new aircraft parked up for!!

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RE: BMI A321's Parked Up At Ema!

Wed Nov 21, 2001 8:58 pm

Mmmm...I suppose it could be for maintenence over the winter whilst pax loads are down????
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