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Hong Kong 22-11-2001. Some News

Thu Nov 22, 2001 9:53 pm

OK, just near the airport now. Got here at 7.30am and stopped spotting at about 7.30pm !!

Things of interest today.

B-4106 Citation VI CAAC Special Service Div.
B-3992 Hawker 800XP Deer Jet
RP-C1941 DC-9-31
N747GE 747-121 (TEST FLIGHT)

We also saw a FAT 757-200 arriving in Macau with a Air Macau flight number. This aircraft was in FULL FAT colours and not B-27013 that is leased to Air Macau in Air Macau colours.

Mr. Celidih,

So your wrong again Gov !. You stated on my other topic about BA 742's that TF-ATZ was not in any condition to fly, and that as I'm only a spotter I would not see that. TF-ATZ flew for about two hours this afternoon using the reg as the call sign. The aircraft is still all white .

For the record the other ex BA 742 (G-BDXM) is now back in the hanger being worked on. Guess they are putting all the pieces back together !!
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RE: Hong Kong 22-11-2001. Some News

Thu Nov 22, 2001 11:02 pm

Does Air Macau really need more planes now? I'd be surprised if they were doing that well. But if they are, that's great!
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RE: Hong Kong 22-11-2001. Some News

Fri Nov 23, 2001 11:43 am

Air Macau's main business is Taiwan and China, both are economies doing fairly well and not affected too much by Sep 11th, especially China. Hopefully their business is good, as they have A319s on order!!