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Pickering, ON, Canada

Fri Nov 23, 2001 5:18 am

This one continues the thread on Westjet:


For people living in the Toronto, ON, Canada area, what is your opinion of the Pickering airport? I think it has a decent terminal facility built (but nobody using it). Is it adequate for, say, Westjet? Is the market big enough?
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RE: Pickering, ON, Canada

Fri Nov 23, 2001 6:23 am

No airport facilities were ever built in Pickering. The land was expropriated and leased back to the farmers.

There will likely never be an airport in Pickering. The ON govt recently put a ban on devt of the Oak Ridges moraine north of Toronto and to placate the developers are proposing turning the Pickering land over to housing devt.

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RE: Pickering, ON, Canada

Fri Nov 23, 2001 8:17 am

You guys should check out the GTAA's web site and go to the Pickering link, you will be amazed.

I like the idea, I live very close to the site,

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