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What An Impressive Record!

Sat Nov 24, 2001 12:34 am


I was just looking at the Constellation/Super Constellation/Starliner production list when I saw this impressive record. If we look to Flying Tiger Line and their L1049H operation those guys had really a bad luck with this model, take a look:

N6911C - c/n 4804 - Damaged beyond repair at Alaska
N6913C - c/n 4810 - Crashed whilst landing at Burbank
N6914C - c/n 4811 - Crashed 50 kms northeast of
Alamosa NM 1965/12/15
N6915C - c/n 4812 - Crashed in San Bruno Mountains,
shortly after T/O from SFO 1964/12/24
N6920C - c/n 4822 - Crashed into Mount Oyama, Japan
N6921C - c/n 4817 - Crashed in Pacific ocean, en route
Guam/Philippines 1962/03/15
N6923C - c/n 4827 - Ditched in Atlantic ocean, 800 kms
from Eire 1962/09/23

Flying Tiger Line received 16 new L1049H's ( from N6910C until N6925C ), lost 7 in accidents, almost 50% rate, in 2 planes crashed in the same day!!! 4 planes crashed in 1962, I don't know if we had any airline with such a high rate of accidents, but if I was to board that airline during that time I would think twice!
Any comments on that or other airlines with the same - or even worth records - please share with us!
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