Turbulence During Beverage Service

Fri Jul 23, 1999 11:52 am

Anyone ever been on a flight when Beverages or Food were being served, and the plane dropped?

Colin Kumpunen (American MD-80)
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RE: Turbulence During Beverage Service

Fri Jul 23, 1999 2:12 pm

Yes, and you hold on to your drink for dear life, a wet spot in your lap while walking around your destination doesnt look that good.  
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RE: Turbulence During Beverage Service

Fri Jul 23, 1999 5:02 pm

Yes, I was on an L-10-11 when it hit big time turbulence. Oh my gosh, the interior of that thing is rather ornate and stylish, but when you hit turbulence, they all rattle like crazy. It sounded like the airplane was about to self-destruct. The meals had already been served, as had the beverages. Yes, lots people spilled stuff, and the guy next to me spilled his coke all over my lap. Of course, I happened to be on business and was wearing a brand new Brooks Brothers suit. This was back about 15 or so years ago, and when you were traveling in Business or First, you still got a little dressed up. Well, learn and live---I haven't worn business attire since then!!! Eventually the turbulence ended, and I quickly got to the head before the masses. Still, my stomach hadn't enjoyed the undercooked chicken, let alone the turbulence.

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