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Difference Between "low Cost" And "major" Airlines

Sat Nov 24, 2001 3:48 pm

I was checking out some websites (hp,wn,dl) to do some comparison shopping. Found some good fares.
A weekend trip dec. 14-17
$165 HP nonstop
$187 WN nonstop
$232 DL 1stop/SLC

$265 HP 1stop/PHX
$357 WN 2stop
$225 DL 1stop/SLC

Some midweek business fares Dec. 11-13
$239 HP nonstop
$252 WN 1stop/PHX
$405 DL 1stop/CVG

$252 HP 1stop/PHX
$252 WN 1stop/PHX
$243 DL 1stop/SLC

Great fares! I think I'll give all these airlines a try...SWA steady as ever...Am. West great improvements in ontime and completion..Delta widebody comfort. I know orbitz could have done all this but I like to visit the sites myself.