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Flight Training

Fri Jul 23, 1999 1:23 pm

Just a few questions here:

1) What is the point of setting the radio to 121.50 then off when shutting down the aircraft? I was thinking maybe something to do with the ELT, but still not sure! I always end up changing the frequency to ATIS a few seconds after turning the radios on.

2) What is the function of the Suction Guage? There are the numbers 4-5-6 on it, yet I have no clue what it is for!

Two questions I had and probably need the answer to before I solo, which is coming up REAL soon  

BTW: This is on a Cessna 172 for those of you who were wondering.

And here is a third question!

3) Why are spins and spiral dives not included in training programs in the United States? Who knows, this might have saved JFK Jr.'s life if he had known what his plane was doing. My theory is his plane ended up into a turn without him knowing (in the dark) and he thought he was decending. To 'correct' this, he pulled back and ended himself up in a spiral.

Off topic, today I experienced the total terror/thrill of Instrument flying with the 'hood' on. To make thing even better/worse, we were going through a lot of thermals and bumps along the way. So I really had to go fast when doing my radial scan of the guages   Everything kept rising, falling, spinning and every other possible movement! Gotta get that medical done so I can solo  

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RE: Flight Training

Fri Jul 23, 1999 1:35 pm

1) To check wheather the ELT has been activated while you beeen flying, if so you should deactivate it manually

2) to tell you the suction pessure which is use to driver your DI and AI. If you look in your flight manual the maximum and minmum operating range will be listed, this is normally indicated on the instrument by a green band.
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RE: Flight Training

Fri Jul 23, 1999 2:17 pm

To elaborate on the suction guage. The proper name is the vacuum guage which will tell you how much vacuum or suction the vacuum pump is creating in order to spin the gyros in the attitude indicator, and maybe in some planes the heading indicator. If there is a loss of vacuum pressure the instrument will give false information. A flag will usually pop up in the instrument. But then again each plane is different. You must find out what indication you get with loss of vacuum. The guage is callibrated to "inches of Hg (mercury)"

Some planes have an electricly driven attitude indicator. So you must check with your specific aircraft.

The vaccum guage is driven off the engine. Your flight instructor should have showed it to you. If not ask him to open up the cowling and give you a tour. It's important. Some planes have two vacuum indicators for redundancy.