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miami is in a peculiar position.atlanta,orlando, have all entered the latin and south america market.miamistill has tha market share because of geographical and ethnic ties.american is the dominant carrier and some say the hub is not as big as first thought and there are resons the facilities at miacan only allow so much hence foth the 5billion$ expansion.also south america has had economic trbl which has an influence directly on miami.and lets not forget there are over 100 airlines serving mia,how many airports can say that,and ft lauderdale only 24 miles to the north handles 250,000 flights a year that miami could have had.the same can be said for other metro areas but it is important to remember.
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not a good topic right
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Miami's the place that we come to let go, everyday like a "mardi gras", no work...
Party in the city when the heat is on, all night on the beach till the break of down,
I'm going go Miami,
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