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Aviation Medical

Sat Jul 24, 1999 12:26 pm

Ladies and Gents:
I was wondering what the full deal was with getting a medical for my private pilots license? I do not have perfect vision, in fact, I wear contact lenses to correct it. I just figured i'd see if I can pass it before I even schedule an appointement ) I am living in Canada. Any help is greatly appriuciated.

Thanks a lot.
Matt Andrews
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RE: Aviation Medical

Sat Jul 24, 1999 2:07 pm

Matt: Give Transport Canada - Personnel Licensing a call at 666-5571 in the Vancouver area. They will give you a list of names of qualified doctors. From the way you describe your vision, it should present you with no problem at all.

Best Regards, and good luck!

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RE: Aviation Medical

Sat Jul 24, 1999 4:17 pm

I had a really bad vision problem. My eyes were so bad that I couldn't see the big "E" on the top of the eye chart. I got PRK surgery (laser) in Dec 97 and my vision is now 20-20 in one eye and 20-15 in the other. This might not be the typical result, but there is hope!!!! I believe that you can have 20-30 vision uncorrected to get a class 1(commercial) medical, I don't know how much for the class 3 (private). I also live in Canada( by Vancouver), and I thought that my vision would prevent me from flying, but I am happily well on my way for my commercial license. I strongly suggest to find out if you are within tolerances for the medical, if you aren't, you can get it fixed!!!. Good luck!!! You can email me at flyinglen@hotmail.com if you have a question about the surgery. Glen Purves
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RE: Aviation Medical

Sat Jul 24, 1999 5:39 pm

I don't know what the specifics to the East of where I am are but I was told that I would have no problems getting the FAA Class 1 medical with my eyesight. 20/50 left, 20/200 right. The key is that they are correctable to 20/20

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