What! Delta L-1011 At The Edge Of Space!

Sat Jul 24, 1999 2:31 pm

Impossible. I saw a photo of a Delta L-1011 engine inflight, and it showed one half of the United States! This is a real photo. How can that be. When we fly we only go up to 35,000 and we can only see a couple cities, not a whole state. In the photo, the sky was black with the blue sea and pinkish land. This was in the book "Giant Jetliners". How high does the L-1011 fly?

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Your Right Impossible !

Sat Jul 24, 1999 2:52 pm

The L1011 is certified to 42,000 feet. You cannot see half the US at 42,000 feet. You can barelly see half the U.S from the shuttle.

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RE: Your Right Impossible !

Sat Jul 24, 1999 3:48 pm

i have "Giant Jetliners" what page is it on...also notice the photo of the TWA 747-100 over the is nothing unusuall but i have never gone that high in an aircraft. it is on page 7...sure is beautiful up there eh?
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Common Technique.

Sat Jul 24, 1999 4:59 pm

Many times pictures of airliners are cut and pasted on to different backrounds. The picture was probably taken from a space shuttle. It would pretty much have to have been. Then, they probably inserted a picture of an L-10-11. This is done all the time in ads. I remember one for Hawaiian, where they inserted a DC-10 into a picture of the entire chain of Hawaiian islands. It looked very real, only common sense said otherwise.
The service ceiling for most commecial jet aircraft is in the vicinty of 40-45,000 feet. Sure, you can find a few planes that can go somewhat higher, but they are almost exclusively for millitary use. Obviously, smaller prop planes won't get that high, nor will Helicopters.
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That Is Not All Of The USA

Sun Jul 25, 1999 11:07 am

I have that book too. If you're referring to page 10, that doesn't look like half of the US. That is probley a coast line. As for the sky, pictures often give an illusion of making the sky black... Just because it doesn't capture enough light up there..

RE: Mistake

Mon Jul 26, 1999 9:43 am

I have the same book and the picture is of a Delta engine over a piece of land that looks like the U.S, but its not. But it does look like it!!