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Going To LAX Tomorrow!

Sat Jul 24, 1999 4:24 pm

Tommarow I am going to LAX to say good bye to my brother (leaving to visit his girlfriend in Texas). He is flying on CO to IAH; taking an MD-80 there and a 757-200 back. I am jelous hehe. While I am there I may try to get a walk on fare for LAX-SNA. Not sure if it will be worth the money. I have done the flight before many times. I dont know, I am just itchy to fly. I havent flown in months  
Anyway, wish me luck...I hope to see several planes. CO 777-200, NAL 757-200, and anything else hehe. I will tell you all about it when i get back. I will be there durring the late morning rush!!!!

Tell Me About It!

Wed Jul 28, 1999 1:10 pm

How did it go at LAX? Did you take a flight to SNA? Did you check out National Airlines at Terminal 5? Give me the details!

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RE: Tell Me About It!

Wed Jul 28, 1999 5:31 pm

YEA! I had the best tiem spotting. SAW EVERYTHING! I did check out National airlines and got Great pictures of all the planes i mention!

here it goes.

Air Tahiti Nui A340
National Airlines 757-200
United "Classic" 747-100 (new colors)
two United 777-200's...almost walked on one but was too shy to ask  
Reno Air/AA MD-90's (all white)
American 737-800 (from a distance)
Kallita L1011
ATA L1011
Tower Air 747-100
United Shuttle 737-300 (with new paint scheme..first time i have seen it in person)
Air Canada 767-200
Apart from those I just saw the usuall stuff...Feel free to ask if I saw anything else? E-mail me sometime...CYA