NASA's KC135A/707?

Sat Dec 01, 2001 9:52 am

I see that NASA's C135A was in PHX yesterday, but I missed it.
My question is whether this jet was built as a KC-135, 707, or is it the elusive 717? Also, if it is turbojet powered, does it use water injection? And finally, does anyone know if it is still there? I'd LOVE to watch it take off...
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RE: NASA's KC135A/707?

Sat Dec 01, 2001 10:08 am

If the tailnumber was N930NA or N931NA, then it was one of NASA's KC-135As based at Ellington Field in Houston. It's the only 707-type aircraft that I know of that NASA has in its inventory. Interesting enough, they are listed as 717-148 in some publications. Regards.
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RE: NASA's KC135A/707?

Sat Dec 01, 2001 11:03 am

What is interesting about a KC-135 listed as a 717? That's what they are. Twelve inches narrower than a 707 and a heavier landing gear.

717-100A : the KC-135A-4-BN
717-146 : the KC-135A-5-BN
717-148 : KC-135A-8-BN through -27-BN
717-157 : C-135A
717-158 : C-135B
717-165 : C-135F
717-166 : KC-135B
739-445B : RC-135A/B
739-700 : RC-135A-1-BN
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RE: NASA's KC135A/707?

Sat Dec 01, 2001 2:02 pm

Thanks guys.
Found some good photos of it by putting the tail number into altavista.
Thanx again!

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