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Air Canada's A330 Orders

Sun Jul 25, 1999 6:02 am

I am really excited about Air Canada's order for, I think, 5 A330s. I was wondering if anyone knows any additional information about how Air Canada tends to use them (ie. which routes, domestic, international, etc.) Also, Air Canada has ordered them with the newer RR engines which were introduced on Air Transat's A330-200s. Do these engines have more thrust and, if so, is it because the A330-300s which Air Canada ordered are the newer "extended range" versions?

Any information will be greatly appreciated.

RE: Air Canada's A330 Orders

Sun Jul 25, 1999 7:30 am

I can answer part of your question: The A330's will be used on trans-atlantic flts.
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RE: Air Canada's A330 Orders

Mon Jul 26, 1999 1:19 am

air canada is only receiving 2 a330s now. the remaining a330's were deferred til sometime 2000-2001. the aircraft will be used to replace the retired 747 classics which flew to yvr/lhr/cdg/fra/kin/mbj/mia/zrh. the first 2 aircraft r being delivered oct + nov 99.
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RE: Air Canada's A330 Orders

Mon Jul 26, 1999 3:39 am

The first of the A330's are due to arrive in October, and is to be Rolls-Royce powered. AC said they were supposed to be deployed on routes between eastern Canada and Europe, but who knows whether they will be used to the west at all. I don't think they would use them to Asia. Does anyone know what will happen with the aircraft freed up by the A330's? Will there be more western 767 flights to Europe, or further expansion in Asia, or will it be just expansion of the routes from eastern Canada to Europe? Will we see any new routes as a result of the A330 addition?