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Question About JL, KE

Sat Dec 01, 2001 10:23 pm

Now that Korea and Japan will be hosting the 2002 world cup.. Will either these airlines color a few of thier jets with special schemes? Any Ideas? When?


Air france's special scheme for the 98 world cup!

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Photo © Philippe Noret

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RE: Question About JL, KE

Sun Dec 02, 2001 12:43 am

Because the official airliner for this worldcup is not determined, they cannot use worldcup images for their schemes. You know why Ansett painted its planes with 'Sydney 2000'.

Now, Asiana is the official sponsor of Korea Football Association, although it's nothing to do with worldcup.
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RE: Question About JL, KE

Sun Dec 02, 2001 1:12 am

Korean Air just painted an A300 with a special scheme, promoting Jeju Island. A Holiday Island south of the coast of Pusan, popular amongst Koreans, Japanese and Chinese. It is about 1.5 hours flying time away from Seoul.