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ANA Hijacking

Sun Jul 25, 1999 11:11 am


I just recently heard a report about the hijacking and they have, supposedly, found a motive.

Apparently the man was a Flight Simulator fan, and wanted to experience the real thing. His intention was to try flying underneath the Rainbow Bridge and then to do a loop. I think the passengers onboard were VERY lucky, for if he had stabbed the co-pilot and navigator (if it was a -300/-200/-100), he would have killed a lot more people than he did. It is very unfortunate to hear that the captain lost his life doing what he, probably, loved to do.

My question is, how did this man get by security at the airport? I had a damn key in my pocket that they, obviously, found and they ended up taking a bunch of extra measures than usual. How did this guy get by? It was obviously not something as small as a Swiss Army Knife, because I could not cut butter with mine, nevermind killing someone with it.

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