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MXP Airport To Close Terminal 2 Very Soon

Tue Dec 04, 2001 8:09 pm

From today main Italian newspaper I found this news:

" SEA aeroporti Milano (The Milan airports authority) is planning to close from January till the next summer the Terminal 2 at Milan Malpensa airport due to the large crisis of the charter flights market, that are today the only carriers who use to fly on MXP T2. Also SEA reported a -55% in number of charter flights in the last two months with bad prospective for the nearest future. "

The so called terminal 2 was the old Milan Malpensa airport. After 25 October 1998 (when terminal 1 was opened) it lose all the schedule flights and it kept only charter flights. During 1999/2000 the airport authority decided to transfer there from Terminal 1 all the east Europe carriers, but after they went to Courts, they were allowed to go back to T1.
So now T2 host only charter flights plus some schedule operated by charter carrier (L4) and Libyan Airlines.
All the other airlines like to use the modern T1.
T2 has 30 stands, 26 gates (5 fingers) and a capacity of 6 milions of pax per year.
It was located at north between the two runways 35L/R at 4 Km from T1.
Only during summer and Christmas time there is a decent number of flights, but during off-peak season is a "gost airport".

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