Axon Airlines In Greece Shuts Down

Wed Dec 05, 2001 1:25 am

The effect of the terrorist attacks in the US claimed another airline victim when Greek carrier, Axon Airlines, said it was suspending operations.

Axon, which flies to three European cities as well as operating on domestic routes, said it may fly again if the economic climate in the aviation industry changed.

The decision to ground its planes may also affect Axon's plans to buy the country's struggling flag carrier, Olympic Airways. Athens-based Axon has been negotiating with the Greek government but questions have arisen over how it would fund its bid.

The independent airline, which was launched in 1999, has been operating services to Brussels, Milan and Paris with its Boeing 737 planes.

Source: Airwise
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RE: Axon Airlines In Greece Shuts Down

Wed Dec 05, 2001 4:47 am

As I said in another thread:

Axon Airlines was loosing money since the day they started. The crisis only made it worse.
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RE: Axon Airlines In Greece Shuts Down

Wed Dec 05, 2001 8:39 am

An Axon 737 has been grounded for several weeks near hangar 40 in Brussels because they had not been paying Sabena Technics for the maintenance that has been done to the aircraft.
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RE: Axon Airlines In Greece Shuts Down

Sun Dec 16, 2001 10:00 am

It doesn't suprise me, I expect more loss from the rest like Cronus (the only one).In airline transportation in order to survive you have to offer high quality service. Axon and Cronus offer doubtfull services (in my opinion not good at all with many dirty games behind) while Olympic has taken prizes from Europe about its technical support.I didn't expect Olympic to like being bought by Axon (as it happened with Cyprus which withdrawn early).I believe they're in a good way with IAS.The funny thing is now Axon owes to Olympic (from services like handling etc) which will probably take Axon's one 737 (hmm).