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Lifetime Of A Seat Cover?

Wed Dec 05, 2001 5:14 am

In the 717 thread, the finite lifetime of a seatcover was mentioned. Does anyone, preferably from maintenance, know the average lifetime of a cover? (I suppose it varies depending on cloth or leather, and I heard a figure like two years back in cloth days, but who knows). Naturally I'm not including premature seat cover change due to barf.  Smile/happy/getting dizzy
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RE: Lifetime Of A Seat Cover?

Wed Dec 05, 2001 5:50 am

Due to BARF? You mean Far*s !!!!
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RE: Lifetime Of A Seat Cover?

Thu Dec 13, 2001 6:16 am

Actually, does anyone have a legit answer to this question?
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RE: Lifetime Of A Seat Cover?

Thu Dec 13, 2001 6:28 am

Replacement could be longer then you think. My car has cloth seats and it is 3 years old, I drive it every day and the seats still look brand new. I am sure the airlines clean them quite often though.
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RE: Lifetime Of A Seat Cover?

Thu Dec 13, 2001 9:15 am

Based on my experience on board a Pan Am L1011-500 (the filthiest aircraft I have ever flown on- dirt on walls, unlit lavatories, stained seats), I'd say 10 years!
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RE: Lifetime Of A Seat Cover?

Thu Dec 13, 2001 10:12 pm

mmmm....I flew on a bmi F100 in 1996 that still had Air Europe seats, and i think they went bust in '91!? so, at least 5 years!
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RE: Lifetime Of A Seat Cover?

Fri Dec 14, 2001 1:13 am

I read an article concerning leather seats, which said that their life-span was longer (they can be wiped clean in certain cases) they are more durable (more cost effective in the long term) and provide less of a hazard in the case of a fire.
This was taken from an airline magazine poece, covering a company who manufactures leather seats for aviation purposes. I doubt this helps but I just thought i'd share it with you  Smile/happy/getting dizzy Perhaps that is why we are seeing airlines (in certain cases ) moving toward leather seating in all classes?
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