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Uncommanded Rudder Deflection?

Fri Dec 07, 2001 12:20 am

This is from today on AVweb.com:

An American Airlines Airbus A300-600 departing Lima, Peru, Wednesday evening experienced severe rudder problems and returned to land safely at the airport. Pilots said the aircraft began "fish-tailing" soon after takeoff. Investigators are examining the flight recorders. The aircraft is the same model aircraft as American Airlines Flight 587, which crashed in New York on November 12, killing 260 people on the plane and five people on the ground. Rudder problems are suspected in that crash...

This is from the NTSB:

On May 11, 1999, a different American Airlines Airbus 300-600, N7082A, experienced multiple rudder deflections while on final approach to Miami, Florida. The airplane landed without incident. Investigation revealed that the autopilot’s wiring had been cross-connected by airline maintenance personnel in Tulsa, Oklahoma. The aircraft was repaired. Airbus issued an advisory to all operators of their aircraft to check for wiring cross-connects, and the FAA and its counterpart agency in France followed with Airworthiness Directives. One other aircraft was found to have a similar cross-connect and it, too, was repaired.

Could it have been uncommanded rudder deflection that caused flight 587 to crash? That might explain the vert stab being ripped off. Any thoughts?

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