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What Airline And A/c For First Time Flown?

Sat Dec 08, 2001 9:30 am

Anyone who flew for the first time aircraft with airline in the past?

Mine are:

B727-100 TWA DAY-LGA
B727-200 Delta CHA-LEX
B737-200 Piedmont ATL-AVL
B737-300 Piedmont DAY-GRR
B747-200 United ORD-SFO
B747-400 United ORD-SFO
B757-200 Delta ATL-BHM-ATL (inaugurated first 757's engine PW flight passenger)
B767-200 Delta ORD-ATL
B767-300 Delta ORD-ATL
B767-400 Delta ATL-FLL
B777-200 United ORD-DEN
DC-9-30 North Central MKE-DAY
DC-8-71 United DTW-ORD
DC-10-30 United DEN-ORD
DC-10-40 United ORD-DTW
L1011-385-1 Delta ATL-ORD
MD88 Delta CVG-CLE
Airbus 300 American STT-SJU
Airbus 320 Northwest ORD-DTW
Bac 1-11 Allegheny DAY-PIT
Bae 146 AIr Wisconsin GRB-ATW
CRJ Canadair Regional Comair IND-CVG
CV-580 North Central DAY-MKE

That's all.

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RE: What Airline And A/c For First Time Flown?

Sat Dec 08, 2001 9:54 am

727 - American ORD-SFO
737 - Western SFO-SAN
747 - Northwest ORD-ANC-NRT
757 - Northwest DTW-ORD
767 - United ORD-LAX
777 - United ORD-DEN
A300 - Continental DEN-LAX
A319 - United LAX-SAN
A320 - Northwest ORD-MSP
DC-8 - Philippine MNL-HNL-SFO
DC-9 - Northwest ORD-MSP
DC-10 - United SAN-ORD
MD-80 - Pacific Southwest SFO-SAN
L-1011 - American Trans Air HNL-SFO
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RE: What Airline And A/c For First Time Flown?

Sat Dec 08, 2001 9:57 am

Earliest flight: United DC-8-11, JFK-LAX

Boeing 707: Air India (Narita - Bombay)
CV-990: Swissair (Bombay - Beirut - Geneva - Zurich)
Fokker F-27: Indian Airlines (Bombay - Udaipur)
DC-9: KLM (Zurich - Rotterdam)
737: PeoplExpress (EWR - PIT)
747: Pan Am (JFK - AMS)
Caravelle: Air France (Zurich - Paris)
HS Trident: BEA (London - Paris)
DH Comet: Olympic (Athens - Rome)
DC-10: United (SFO - JFK)
S-61: New York Airways (EWR - JFK)
727: Delta (Bangor - Boston - LGA)
767: British Airways (London - Athens)
ATR-72: Olympic (Athens - Santorini)
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RE: What Airline And A/c For First Time Flown?

Sat Dec 08, 2001 10:03 am

747-100: TWA (JFK-ATH)
747-200: Alitalia (JFK-FCO) / Olympic (JFK-ATH)
747-200M: Alitalia (FCO-JFK)
F-100: USAir (Newburg-MCO)
MD-82: Alitalia (FCO-BDS)
737-200: Olympic (ATH-Kefallonia)
DC-10-30: World (ATH-JFK)
757-200: American (LGA-MIA)
727-200: USAir (ALB-PIT-MCO)
SD-360: American Eagle (ALB-JFK)
ATR-42: American Eagle (JFK-ALB)
SAAB 340: American Eagle (JFK-ALB)
737-300: USAir (PIT-ALB)
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