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American Eagle And The CRJ700

Sun Dec 09, 2001 5:02 pm

So now that AE has chosen the CRJ700 as its 70 seater I have a question, with all their ERJ's...why did'nt they chose the ERJ-170? Why the change to the CRJ's?

And what about United Express? Does anyone see any of those carriers ordering the CRJ700?
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RE: American Eagle And The CRJ700

Sun Dec 09, 2001 7:05 pm

When AE ordered the CRJ700 the Embraer 170 was not aviable, it was just a dream of Moritz Suter.

United Express:
Atlantic Coast is more likely to opt fot the 728JET.

Skywest CRJ700

Air Wisconsin ? CRJ700 is an option, however as a BAe 146 replacement the CRJ900 is too small. I tend to say the 728/928JET will win this order.

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RE: American Eagle And The CRJ700

Mon Dec 10, 2001 2:18 am

The CRJ was choosen because it was avialable sooner, had better range and payload options, and they were going ot be run as a seperate fleet, so didn't matter if they were similar to the CRJ or not. As it turns out the new ERJs don't have that much in common with the smaller versions.

As for United Express that is a tricky issure, scope limitations. ACA would probably go for the CRJ700 if they were allowed, but with United shrinking they are very limited in what they can do.

Air Whiskey is having financial troubles. With scope limitations also, they are parkings some of their BAEs and all their Dorniers turbo props. The big rumour had them going for the new Avros, but with production ending, not to sure what they'll do. They still have plenty of time left of the BAEs, plus with them flying less they will have manuy more years. The Dornier 728/928 does seem to have an advantage here and when they start looking will probably get the order. The only concern I've heard was runway and second segement climb concerns that would hit the payload capabilities, they really fly into some tight airports that they BAE was really built for. Unfortunately nothing in the market would really hit, unless they were to go for turbo props, that wuldn't happen though.

Skywest is also scope limited, would probably go for the CRJ700 with the large number of CRJs they have and on order. They might even have some on option for Delta, not sure.