AOM A340s

Wed Jul 28, 1999 5:55 am

If I hadn't seen one yesterday leaving Sydney Aiport.. I wouldn't have believed AOM had A340s. Could anyone tell me how many they have, and are they new or second hand?
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RE: AOM A340s

Wed Jul 28, 1999 5:56 am

I believe that they have 2 used(ex-AFR?) A340-200s

RE: AOM A340s

Wed Jul 28, 1999 6:00 pm

AOM fly the Airbus A340-200 to Sydney (YSSY).
They have only started recently to replace their 747-200 or -300 service.

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RE: AOM A340s

Wed Jul 28, 1999 6:17 pm

Hi AOM have two A340-200s, F-GLZE and F-GLZF. They prevoiusly belonged to Air France and AOM has flown them since Feb this year, mainly to SYD, LAX and PPT. The 777 MAN
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Jubilee 777

Wed Jul 28, 1999 6:38 pm

Correction to Jubilee777, AOM never operated B747-200 or -300s. The A340s are there to replace some ageing DC10s.

Those A340s

Thu Jul 29, 1999 6:00 am

I'd say Jubilee 777 is right... what I'd seen regularly before this A340 was DC-10s..

Now, if only Qanatas would buy a similar sized plane! Thanks for all your help guys, much appreciated!


RE: Other AOM Services

Thu Jul 29, 1999 6:11 am

AOM also fly to Colombo's Bandaranaike International Airport (CMB)* on their way down to Sydney and Papeete. I also saw an AOM DC-10 at EZE (Buenos Aires) in March; that was a pleasant surprise, since their sole scheduled service to the South American mainland, leaves Paris for Cayenne (French Guyana).
I don't know why it was at EZE.

*Home base of SriLankan.


Thu Jul 29, 1999 4:51 pm

Actually, the A340-200 replaced the 747-200 service to Sydney (YSSY) and this is a fact. Sorry if you miss-interpreted what I said.


RE: Gardermoen

Thu Jul 29, 1999 8:56 pm

Not wanting to start an argument, but all I've seen leaving Sydney, of AOM's, has been DC-10s, never 747s!

I get to see some pretty exotic planes each morning here: Egyptair A340s, Air China A340s and 747SPs, Air New Zealand (no surprise there) 767s and 737s,
Thai 777s, Singapore Airlines 777s and 747-400s, Korean Air 777s....

Just wish I could take pics of them!

I Am Sorry!

Thu Jul 29, 1999 9:37 pm

Oops, I am sorry guys.

I got confused for a second.

So many airlines have switched from 747 Classics to the A340 like Air China, Aerolinas Argentina, Olympic Airways, Etc.

I got confused with AOM which flew the DC10-30 (I think) to Sydney and Aerolinas Argentina who used to fly the 747-200 to Sydney.

I am sorry for p#@!ing you off.
Hope you accept my apology.

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RE: AOM A340s

Thu Jul 29, 1999 11:53 pm

AOM has an arrangement with Cubana de Aviacion for which it flies their aircraft to different destinations from Havana like Buenos Aires, Madrid, Paris, London, Rome, etc. Some AOM DC10´s also carry Cubana markings.

Buenos Aires

RE: AOM A340s

Sat Jul 31, 1999 3:46 pm

Good point Jubilee 777 - apology accepted... but not needed!  

I haven't as yet seen Aerolineas Argentinas' A340s (or 747s for that matter), but I'd love to!


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RE: AOM A340s

Sun Aug 01, 1999 12:12 am


As a french person, encouraging concurrence to Air France, I can tell you that AOM doesn't operate 747. Its fleet includes DC-10-30, two A-340 and some MD-83. UTA, which dissapeared because of AF, got some 747-300 and DC-10-30 to fly nearly the same routes as AOM now. Corsair operates some 742 and 743 whereas Air Liberté operates DC-10-30 and MD-80 (they all operate on the former UTA network covering the french overseas departments and territories)
I'll check if AOM A340 are new or not!
AOM is now partner of Swissair, and is operating in the Qualiflyer Group, together with Sabena, Lauda, Austrian, THY...

See you,

Phil (France)

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