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LAN Chile/Peru/Express

Wed Dec 12, 2001 11:54 am

I think that it is great how this airline is making such progress, Lan Chile has all the bragging right I think  Laugh out loud. I am interested in what people think about the airline, any complaints or compliments, LET IT OUT! Ok well anyone interested in Lan Chile can contact me

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RE: LAN Chile/Peru/Express

Wed Dec 12, 2001 1:06 pm


Like the chilean economy Lan Chile has developed a lot since the middle of the '80s. Now is the best airline in Latin America, following by Varig, Aeroméxico, Mexicana, and Avianca.

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RE: LAN Chile/Peru/Express

Wed Dec 12, 2001 1:39 pm

I flew three sectors on Lan Chile in January and February this year. They were PPT-IPC, IPC-SCL and SCL-LIM. All were operated by 767-300s. I also flew a return flight on a Lan Peru 737-200 LIM-CUZ-LIM

I was very disappointed with Lan Chile. In particular the food was awful and the F/As didn't seem to care too much about the passengers. We had trouble organising our flights to Lima and we also spent about four VERY frustrating hours in one of the Santiago offices of Lan Chile, where they were decidedly unhelpful and seemed always to need to pass the problem onto someone else.

As for Lan Peru, I was most impressed. I was on their inaugural flight after their restart on February 1 - the 6am flight to Cuzco. It was lovely to see the staff so pleased to have their jobs back and the service was exemplary. When we were delayed due to bad weather at Cuzco, Lan Peru was the only airline offering complimentary drinks and sandwiches etc. The planes were immaculate and the service friendly and helpful.
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RE: LAN Chile/Peru/Express

Wed Dec 12, 2001 2:39 pm

I have flown buisness class on their 767s and the flight was awesome. Also flew buisness on their new A320s and I loved evey minute of it (where else can you watch an episode of baywatch on an airplane!). I have also flown buisness class on their old 737s (I didn't realize how much time I spent up front  Smile) and the serivce and food was great even thought the seats were not up to the standards of newer airplanes.

LAN Chile is one of my favorite airlines and I would not hesitate to fly them again! Plus the are not very expensive. I used to by my tickets with them when I flew round trip dfw-eze when I lived in argy and even the code share flight with AA (dfw-scl on MD-11) had fares a couple hundred $'s cheaper the AA! When my mom still worked for AA we would non-rev from dfw to chile then buy a ticket on LAN to take us to buenos aires. If I remember right we only payed like $250 for first class too!
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RE: LAN Chile/Peru/Express

Thu Dec 13, 2001 9:00 am


The last year i have a lot of problems with Lan Chile in my flight to Lima, they left me from the flight and cancel my reservation.
But now its different, Lan Chile has improved a lot their service on board and at the airport, now offer the best service in Latin American.

Go LA!

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RE: LAN Chile/Peru/Express

Thu Dec 13, 2001 11:32 am

I flew on them once from EZE to SCL to catch a flight from SCL to DFW (since all the flights from EZE to the US were full) and I can say they were nothing special. Nothing bad mind you, it was on a 732, nice plane but nothing special. FA's were okay, not hot or overly nice just okay.

One thing was TERRIBLE: The food. I am not a picky eater but I couldn't stand what they gave us (and I hardly ever complain about airline food).

Now this was one flight and I have heard so many good things about them so it probably just was this flight, but this flight was not good (not bad either, just not good). Just my opinion (and my friends too).