Delta Shuttle Question

Thu Jul 29, 1999 12:37 am

Does anyone know how long the Delta Shuttle has been around? Also, does Delta have any plans to replace the Shuttle's 727's? Most of them are 25 years old or more. How much longer can they hold up? They're probably mechanically sound now, but eventually Delta is going to need to replace them.

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RE: Delta Shuttle Question

Thu Jul 29, 1999 2:44 am

Delta purchased the DCA-LGA-BOS shuttle routes from Pan Am in the early 1990's. It was a sign of despair for Pan Am as the Shuttle service is very lucrative and only an airline on its way to collapse would sell off such a moneymaker.

From what I've heard, the airline plans to start using 737-800s on the route, but I am not sure. I know US Airways Shuttle is going to transfer to an all A320 fleet, but Delta may take a little longer to convert its fleet.
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Delta Shuttle 727s

Thu Jul 29, 1999 3:07 am

Delta's Shuttle 727s will be among the last 727s to leave the fleet. Eventually, though, they will be replaced by 737-832s. Delta wants to secure its mainline fleet replacements before it begins renewing the Shuttle and Delta Express fleets.
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RE: Delta Shuttle Question

Thu Jul 29, 1999 11:08 am

The Delta Shuttle started on September 1, 1991. I was on their very first flight from LGA to DCA. It was B727-227 N555PE. I was also on the last flight of the Pan Am Shuttle the previous night, from DCA to LGA, on B727-230 N877UM.

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