The World Most Anoing Airport

Thu Jul 29, 1999 1:54 am

What does everyone find the world most anoing airport.
I think it is amsterdam schiphol.

RE: The World Most Anoing Airport

Thu Jul 29, 1999 2:19 am

I find schipol the worlds nicest airport. I find EWR one of the most annoying.
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RE: The World Most Annoying Airport

Thu Jul 29, 1999 3:32 am

EWR has pissed me off a few times although I prefer it by a mile to La Guardia and JFK. Most annoying would have to be San Franciso during the building works, and Heathrow cos there isn't enough room and it's permanently under construction (some check-in lines at Terminal 3 go outside!). Overall, the most annoying airport is one that tries to disguise the nature of the industry it serves, ie most small to medium US ports. By which I mean, there is no aviation theme, nothing aviation-related in the shops, you can't see the planes, that kind of thing. Although they do make up for it by being mega-convenient and easy to get through. Amsterdam Schipol is great, always a pleasure both as a transit passenger and Amsterdam-bound. You can smoke drugs there you know (which is just too weird, sitting in an airport smoking a joint). As long as you're in a smoking area, of course.
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RE: The World Most Anoing Airport

Thu Jul 29, 1999 3:38 am

Sna320, I'm interested in why you find Schiphol so annoying. For years, Schiphol has received many awards for its innovative design and, also, it is one of the first modern airports to have the single terminal design. I mean, look at Toronto's, airport... There are 3 terminals so if you have to transfer to another airline which is in a different terminal, you have to go through the bother of taking the uncomfortable shuttle bus. In fact, Toronto is doing major renovations to their airport to make it just one terminal much like Schiphol. However, to answer your question, I think Phoenix's SkyHarbour is pretty annoying because it only has two runways causing a lot of congestion and delays... You are guarenteed to face a delay going in and out of Phoenix... That, in my opinion, is the most annoying airport.
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RE: The World Most Anoing Airport

Thu Jul 29, 1999 4:03 am

In the U.S. it's Detroit-Metro, an airport not designed to be a hub, and a hub to t ruly lousy carrier, NW. In Europe, it's Heathrow, filthy, poorly lit, you name it.
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RE: The World Most Anoing Airport

Thu Jul 29, 1999 4:05 am

Just wait until the new terminal is completed. I'd like to see what you have to say then. It's not completely Northwest's fault DTW is so bad. If the airport were larger, a lot of the problems would be solved. Now the inflight service on the other act of God is needed to fix that  
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RE: The World Most Anoing Airport

Thu Jul 29, 1999 4:07 am

Las Vegas has to be the most annoying airport with all those slot machines going off all the time. I actually couldn't wait to get on the Northwest flight for once. I swear I could hear it the next day!


Thu Jul 29, 1999 4:13 am

I think the word is: ANNOYING!
As for annoying airports, Alicante (Spain) must be up there somewhere, everytime I've flown from the damned place, there's been a delay of 30 minutes or more...  

RE: The World Most Annoying Airport

Thu Jul 29, 1999 4:24 am

In a recent IATA survey the three best Airports in a survey of travellers were:-
1 Singapore Changi
2 Helsinki, Finland
3 Manchester, UK

My worst
1 The old Faro Airport, Portugal some openair check-in desks, a couple od dodgy cafes and a plastic bench to spend your eight hour delay on.
2 Tenerife-Reina Sofia, a nice airport but is gets VERY busy, chaos inside the airport and long ATC ground holds onboard.
3 Bangor, Maine - stuck there during a snowstorm on my way to Orlando a few years ago. No heating and the place was a complete building site.

Zurich Airport is also very good to use, it NEVER feels busy no matter how many people are there, very few ques for anything.
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RE: Message By Sna320

Thu Jul 29, 1999 5:28 am


Please define your quote Annoying airport.

How can you say it's annoying without commenting.

Spelling things wrong is annoying!!

Gary Watt
Aberdeen, Scotland

RE: The World Most Anoing Airport

Thu Jul 29, 1999 5:36 am


I do think that DTW is the worst. It is my home airport so I have the right to say that  . The suburbs of Detroit are actually very nice... Detroit is the prob   Yes, the new terminal will be nice but the old airport will not be. YUCK!

Jack M
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RE: The World's Most Annoying Airport

Thu Jul 29, 1999 5:38 am

The world's most annoying airport has to be SMF. They currently have two terminals (separated by quite a covered walkways!), the old terminal dates back to the 60's, with (I swear to God) the origional (brown and orange colored) tiles, carpets, elevators, escalators, gate signs, jetways, and to top that off, fake wood laminate panneling in the elevators! That terminal is a mess...dingy, dark, depressing and nasty!

The new terminal, on the other hand, is a big improvement. Skylights everywhere...a big 'food court' atrium, new's bright, and it doesn't depress you to fly out of there!



RE: Jet Setter

Thu Jul 29, 1999 5:41 am

Jet Setter:
The results of that IATA survey are over a year old. The new IATA Airport Monitor 1998, which came out in May, lists the Top 3 Best Airports like this:

1. Helsinki-Vantaa Airport, Helsinki, Finland
2. Changi Airport, Singapore
3. Manchester Airport, Manchester, UK

Helsinki beat out Singapore this time, mostly due to the fact that they upgraded their flight info screens, and ease of transferring to other flights (there is a walkway where you can connect between domestic and international flights and vice versa)


RE: The World Most Anoing Airport

Thu Jul 29, 1999 5:42 am

Hey! Leave Sna320 alone. It's so easy to make a typo and I bet you don't always spell everything correctly or use proper grammer. I personally think that Heathrow (UK) is one of the most annoying airports. There is basically one word to sum it up: grotty. It is grotty. It is also way over crowded. In one terminal there's holiday makers and in another there's business people. That annoys me to begin with. I also thought you couldn't use cell phones. Or is that just the planes themselves? For the most efficient airport, I'd have to say either Manchester (UK) or Orlando International. They both have room to manouver without colliding into a person or briefcase and are interesting. That might sound really stupid, but I bet that everyone would rather have an *intersting* airport on a six hour delay. I'm not joking. If I'd been stuck in Gander, Newfoundland or Palma. It can make a lot of difference, believe me!
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RE: The World Most Anoing Airport

Thu Jul 29, 1999 6:08 am

Has anyone had the... pleasure... to experience Beijing's Capital Airport? Small, extremely crowded, and dark. It was an experience to deplane a 747-400 into 100 degree weather (no joke) to find that they had only sent one bus! The new terminal (opening, October?), however, looks very nice.

Iata Airport Codes

Thu Jul 29, 1999 6:21 am

Guys, I know a lot of you are posting from the States, so when you submit references to airfields in the US, could you spell out the name of the airport in full, so that we ignorant peasants of non-american citizenship may recognise the airport you are referring to!  

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RE: The World Most Annoying Airport

Thu Jul 29, 1999 6:26 am

I don't know if I think Schiphol is the most annoying airport, but I do wonder why everyone thinks the one terminal design is so great. Both times I've connected there the walk between gates took more than half an hour. We also had long waits at security checkpoints. I would have been glad to hop on a shuttle or tram instead of walking all that way trying to keep my luggage from falling off the cart.

One other thing. As a non-smoker who lives in the US, I've definitely been spoiled by all of the non-smoking airports here in the states. After sitting in my gate waiting area at Schiphol (_not_ a smoking area, but close to one), my clothes smelled like I'd been out at a bar all night.

On the plus side, Schiphol had great shopping, and I really like the train connections available from the airport.
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Tailscraper / Johans / Jet Setter

Thu Jul 29, 1999 7:19 am

Tailscraper, I agree with you completely, these three letter codes are annoying! I am vastly experienced in the airlines but I almost never use them here, what's the point of doing a post if someone reads it and doesn't know where the hell you are talking about? Where is SMF? Smurftown or something? Johans, Helsinki may be an easy airport to get through (and I've been there a few times and it's OK) but I think as well as functioning efficiently an airport's merit should also be judged according to where you can get to from it. Unless you're going to Russia or China, or from elsewhere in Scandinavia, Helsinki is useless cos it's too far north to offer sensible journey times. It's like Hobart, Tasmania. A great airport to be sure but for what purpose? And Jet Setter, you're right, Zurich is fabulous, I've been through during the evening rush hour a couple of times and it never seemed overcrowded, typically Swiss and efficient. Like Swissair, whom I also lurve.
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RE: The World Most Anoing Airport

Thu Jul 29, 1999 8:25 am

detroit hands down!!!
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MEI Has To Win That Award!

Thu Jul 29, 1999 8:32 am

MEI Meridian Missippi has to be the most annoying airport. If you've ever been there, you'll know what i mean.

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Thu Jul 29, 1999 8:40 am

Gee..sorry to piss you off, Cedarjet...

SMF= Sacramento interntional airport, Sacramento CA, USA.


RE: The World Most Anoing Airport

Thu Jul 29, 1999 8:56 am

This is very subjective and I don't claim to have seen every airport, but...

I love JFK - New York John F. Kennedy International Airport (for those of you who are "ignorant peasants of non-american citizenship").  

As one of the world's major transportation hubs, however, the most annoying is JFK (New York John F. Kennedy International Airport).

PS: That's funny that Cedarjet thought SMF might be "Smurftown"—many of us here in the industry refer to it as "Smurf".
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RE: The World Most Anoing Airport

Thu Jul 29, 1999 3:59 pm

The most annoying is probably a tie between Newerk and Detroit. I also dislike JFK. It is extremely annoying for connecting flights, and JFK is connection central for Europe. Last time I was there, I had to make a long walk with my 79 year old mother in acid rain and hail! If only the buildings were connected.
I also don't like SJC's new terminal very well. It looks nice, but the parking design is a mess, and the baggage claim area is insufficient. There are also no good restaurants or shops, but I hear that is about to change.

Frankly, the old SJC terminal works for me.

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Most Annoying

Thu Jul 29, 1999 4:33 pm

most annoying has to be Detroit-Metro, For being too big and having like 1 food court
that is far away from everything else, not enough seating, second has to be houston bush intercontinental for having about 20 seats at each gate

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RE: Most Annoying

Thu Jul 29, 1999 11:13 pm

I do not know about you, but I find Paris Charles de Gaulle very boring, I never liked it
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Thu Jul 29, 1999 11:32 pm

UAL, why so sarcastic?
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Fri Jul 30, 1999 1:13 am

I find also Shipcol Airport the nicest and most confoting airport fro connections and fro sightseeing, i hate Newark, i just hate wheneveer i arrive to it, like last summer i came there on Virgin Atlantic from Gatwick,. and they satrted all this ... abbout my luggage, and then they made me take it out , and then they were appolizinsing, iu hate that airport
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RE: The World Most Anoing Airport

Fri Jul 30, 1999 1:47 am

Hi there!

I think there're no anoing airports. Every airport has their good things. I remember when I left Fresno, I expected a very booring time over there but when I was waiting to fly to LAX guess what I saw:

A C-54 that I presume was for fire fighting and 6 or 7 F-18 Hornets from US Navy!!!

But this is not over. Also before I was in California I stayed some days in Vermont and I went to a small airfield in Middlebery, and there I saw a Fouga Magister from the ex: Patruille de France!!! Can you imagine that, a Magister in a place that you could never imagine!!!
So every "place" were you can see a plane is a great place I tell you!!!
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RE: The World Most Anoing Airport

Sun Aug 01, 1999 1:29 am

The most annoying airport is Bombay (BOM). Getting through customs and immigration and transferring to the domestic terminal can take up to 4 hours. Plus it is extremely hot, there is no safe drinking water, and the bathrooms smell like you know what.


RE: The World Most Anoing Airport

Sun Aug 01, 1999 1:37 am

I also agree with Blah,I ve been in Bombay and it took us an hour to pass immigration.But I meant the most annoying western airport and most people here found Schiphol a nice airport because of the modern airport design, but I dont like a plastic airport an the is,as far as Icould count,only one smokers area.I like an airport as Brussels better ,not too crouded wall too wall carpet and alod of smokers sections.

RE: The World Most Anoing Airport

Mon Aug 02, 1999 7:04 am

Although I did not get to all the airports, I agree with those who claim that Detroit Metropolitan (DTW) is one of the worst airports:

Last year, I was on a flight of Northwest Airlink (Mesaba) connecting
Montreal-Dorval (YUL) to Detroit (DTW). Our plane of NW Airlink, which was scheduled to take-off at 6:30 AM unfortunately left Montreal with fifty minutes of delay. Once arrived at Detroit, I was to take another flight going to Washington, D.C. If I had not had to run during twenty minutes in the dark corridors, crammed, filled of obstacles and sinuous (...and badly indicated moreover), I believe I would not have missed that plane...

So, having missed the plane, I once again had to cross the terminal full of travellers running in all the directions between the Northwest's shuttles which never ceased hooting. After a long walk (or rather a race!), I finally found the Northwest's check-in counter where I was transferred to the next flight with service to Washington (DCA).

I often had to run not to miss the plane, but I never yet had seen such an annoying airport.

Newark Int'l:

I don't believe that Newark could be included in the category of the most annoying airports.

I went there twice including one where I was in a hurry to join of my plane. I liked the monorail. Any aviation enthusiast should appreciate the splendid point of view which it gets on the airport.

On the other hand, I must say that I was disappointed by the architectural vacuity of this
airport. In the unit, one finds oneself in large white corridors and very echoes.

I also found that the indications were rather poor, especially for the monorail, than one puts
much time to join.

However, this airport is certainly not a masterpiece of esthetics and functionality, but I did
not hate it.


Maxime Prévost-Desjardins
Montreal, Qc, Canada.
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RE: The World Most Annoying Airport

Sat Aug 07, 1999 6:18 am

I think JFK has to be the worst airport I have ever had the dis-pleasure of flying into / out of. I was so disappointed when I flew with Virgin JFK-LHR in 1992 when Virgin was still at the International Terminal - it was on a par with Madras International Airport in terms of facilities then.

On a recent trip back to New York, I flew KLM into the International Terminal again - now renamed Terminal 4 - new name but still the same awful facilities. I remember some local New Yorkers who sat next to me whilst waiting to board our flight back to Amsterdam on my return - and they were commenting on what a disgrace the airport was for International visitors. No decent Duty-Free facilities, no restaurant - just a seedy looking bar and a couple of toilets...THANK GOD I DECIDED TO ARRIVE LATE FOR MY FLIGHT!
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RE: The World Most Anoing Airport

Sat Aug 07, 1999 6:47 am

You have to be kidding me!!?? Schipol is a very very very nice airport! Clean and well designed. Not noisy and great views. Friendly people in carts all around selling foods and drinks. I'm not sure of the most annoying airport...
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RE: The World Most Anoing Airport

Sat Aug 07, 1999 9:50 am

Has anyone ever tried to make connections between terminals at ATH(Athens, Greece)? This airport which is a throwback to the 1950's has one terminal for Olympic Airways and one terminal for everyone else. They are situated diagonally across opposite ends of the airfield with no direct access. If you need to make flight connections you have to drive for 45 minutes to an hour through heavy city traffic. I have first hand experience as I missed my connecting flight there on a holiday a couple of years ago even though I had a two hour connection window. I call that very annoying.
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RE: The World Most Anoing Airport

Sat Aug 07, 1999 5:57 pm

Most Annoying?

a local airport next to Thai Border , I think its Mandalay airport , Anyway the airport has no aircon , reminds me of a really country side - suburb railway station in Laos. Has only ceiling fans and there's no delay because everyone's waiting for 1 flight. you have to walk from the terminal to the plane .. and when you get off.. Just wait there next to the plane for your Bag!!! MDL .. only Air Mandalay and Yangon Airways ( ATRs )    


here's the image of Mandalay Airport from Ito Noriyuki

Ito , if you would like to remove these photo.. please e-mail me at
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RE: The World Most Anoing Airport

Sat Aug 07, 1999 5:59 pm

Sorry , Mandalay Airport is in Myanmar

RE: The World Most Anoing Airport

Sun Aug 08, 1999 10:44 pm

I think the worlds most annoying airportwould have to be Winnipeg International. It is small, long check in lines. No seating anywhere near the baggage claim or on the main floor. No elevator to the second floor, only one escalator at the Air Canada side of the terminal. As soon as you go throug security there are no good windows to watch the aircraft, only windows right beside the gate. There is only one small newstand past security and two bars that don't open until noon. It takes forever to get your luggage it took over 45 min. to get my luggage from a domestic flight. The average is 30 mins. The best airport would have to be either Calagry International, or Oralndo, or Minneapolis. I like Calgary because its very open, short lines for check in. Many stands past security. Lots of seating. And the baggage comes quick and its very cool there. I like Orlando because its very uncrowded, lots of walkways and many stores. Minnepolis is nice because it is very large, has a mall attached to it and many walkways. On a good note for Winnipeg, the recently opened an observation lounge with a clear view of all the runways and the apro and taxiways.

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