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Who Got Avianca Slots At LHR

Thu Dec 13, 2001 12:41 am

As you may know Avianca stopped flying to LHR.

AV flew BOG-LHR 3xweek non-stop.

The question is, who got those slots ?

Do you think AM could get them ?
They have been asking for slots at Heathrow for years.
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RE: Who Got Avianca Slots At LHR

Thu Dec 13, 2001 5:17 am

Untill today these slots still belong to Avianca.
Avianca still have the contract with England for 3xweekly flights non-stop between BOG - LHR. @ the moment Avianca is in a bad position, so they had to stop these flights. Maybe next year the slots will be sold to another Latin carrier (AM)?

Personally, I really hope to see Avianca 767's back in London, Frankfurt and Paris.
I really had good flights with AV to Colombia!!!

Colombia... can't wait to be there again!!!!!!!!!!