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Air Ukraine Asks For Canadian Suspension

Thu Dec 13, 2001 6:09 am

Air Ukraine asked for, and was granted, a suspension of its scheduled and charter licences to Canada.

The suspension took effect 2001 December 11 and is valid for up to one year. The carrier can ask for re-instatement of the licences at any time during that year.

Does anyone have info on this carrier's intentions regarding their Canadian service?
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RE: Air Ukraine Asks For Canadian Suspension

Thu Dec 13, 2001 7:56 am

hmmm...I have no info, I can only surmise that this is a seasonal route heavy in the summer (VFR). Suspended for the winter only perhaps.

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RE: Air Ukraine Asks For Canadian Suspension

Thu Dec 13, 2001 10:03 am

There are three possible reasons that I see.

1) What YYZ717 said, it is very true that the route is heavy in the summer and light in the winter, although they were doing pretty well witht eh once weekly service last year.

2) They are planning to introduce a simmilar service to the one that they have to the US, whereby they codeshare on an Uzbekistan airways 767 from Kyiv to Toronto selling half the seats as Air Ukraine, and the other half as Uzbekistan airways to and from Taskent to Toronto via Kyiv. Uzbekistan has recently applied for Canadian flights, and these two announcements seem to be close together.

3) The three major airlines in Ukraine, Air Ukraine (the once that comes to YYZ), Ukraine International (All 737 fleet domestic and european flights, and Aerosvit (European Middle East all 7373ops). Are in the process of being merged into one national airline, the North American route cuts may be a way of consolodating their assets/losses, and regrouping before starting new services to Canada, most likely using new equipment(767).

What ever the reason, I hope the come back soon..
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RE: Air Ukraine Asks For Canadian Suspension

Fri Dec 14, 2001 3:13 am

It would be odd for a carrier to ask for a licence suspension if they were just withdrawing from a market for a short while.

I'm aware of the Uzbek/Ukrainian code-share on the US services and wondered if they would do this for their Canadian service. However, in order to operate a codeshare with Uzbekistan Airways, Air Ukraine would still require their own licence to operate into Canada.

I had heard about that last item, too. Just a guess but that could be the reason. Ukraine will consolidate their carriers and then designate their new carrier for services to Canada.

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