MD-95/MD-11 link?

Sun Dec 06, 1998 1:10 pm

Even though the MD-95 is now called the 717, it still has some ties to the MD-11 even though I guess Boeing doesn't find the MD-11 profitable any more. The similarities are in the cockpit. Look at the autopilot of both aircraft. They both have very similar setups, and the 717 has the MD-11's distinct "AUTO FLIGHT" and "APPR/LAND" buttons in the middle. Also, the 717's EFIS displays have almost if not the same PFD, ND, and EICAS displays as the MD-11. I'm glad the MD-11 will live on! ...sort of. :-)

Noel Benford
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RE: MD-95/MD-11/MD90

Sun Dec 06, 1998 3:42 pm

I think the MD90 flight deck looks like the 717
and the MD11 also!