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What If......

Fri Dec 14, 2001 9:33 am

.....Braniff, Pan Am, National, Western, Eastern, ect... were still flying had they not found them in the finincal difficulties that lead to their downfall or merging into other carriers. BTW, I am referring to the REAL carries, not the 'wannbes'. i.e. PA MkIII? What would they be flying ?.....Airbus ? Boeing ?....and where ?

Being a Braniff brat, I'll start off here and give my .02 cents.

I believe that they would have remained a loyal Boeing customer, possibly utilizing the 767/777 from their DFW and MIA ops to Latin America and Europe. As for routes, well, I believe that they would further expand into the Latin market by expanding into Central America with flights into TGU,GUA,SJO,ect.....Suffice it to say, I believe that Europe would have been one area that BN would have taken (as they did when they were around) a huge interest in. Probably expanding beyond LGW, FRA, ORY, AMS, BRU into other major European markest, similar to what UA,CO,AA and DL now serve.

Pan Am. Personally, I still think of PA as 'the US flag carrier' bar none despite its fading into the history books. Suffice it to say the other US flag carriers servicing London would remain at LGW and PA as well as TW would be at LHR where they should be. As for aircraft, well I believe that PA would very possibly have a mixed fleet of Airbus and Boeing aircraft, not unlike what they had before their ceasing operations in 91. I believe that the 747-400 and the 777 would have been chosen as the backbone of their long haul operations and possibly the 767 of US and regional ops. Perhaps the Airbus narrow bodies would have been selected in part to appease various European goverments.

As for the others, well I'll let you guys speculate. I realize that this is "all water under the bridge" in that these carriers are no longer with us, but sometimes its fun to think.....What if....

"Show me the Braniffs"