Planes Bound For DEN Divert To COS

Thu Jul 29, 1999 12:37 pm

Tonight while i was listening to my frequency scanner i heard a lot of planes diverting into COS to avoid bad thunderstorms over DEN. I thought is was pretty cool cuz at COS we dont get as much traffic as the hubs. Then around 2015mst they all started to takeoff for DEN. I heard a lot of UA flights, a CO flight, and a Frontier flight all bound for DEN.
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Thu Jul 29, 1999 12:42 pm

That's what airplanes with dwindling fuel do to avoid thunderstorms...
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Is This 'storm' Going To Stay?

Thu Jul 29, 1999 4:29 pm

Is this storm system going to stay around by DEN/COS? I sure hope so!! I'm flying SMF-DEN (Sacramento-DEN) and then DEN-SEA on UA standby...all the better! More mis-connects in DEN means more seats open for me!

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RE: Planes Bound For DEN Divert To COS

Fri Jul 30, 1999 4:37 am

Yes, Denver did get quite the thunderstorm that night. I work for UAl in new Orleans and was waiting the arrival of UA433 that was delayed for quite some time at Denver. Coincintally on of my coworkers was returning to New Olrleans on that flight and said that the lightening rivaled any firework show he's seen before. Just so happened that that about 5:00 our time that same afternoon we had a violent cell pass over the airport here. While opening up the rear cargo door on an A-320 I personally got quite the shock from a nearby lightening bolt.

RE: Is This 'storm' Going To Stay?

Fri Jul 30, 1999 5:13 am

It probably will. Here in CO it rains like everyday during the summer.