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Another 737 Rudder Anomaly?

Tue Dec 18, 2001 11:50 pm

Today's Wall Street Journal contains a note that a United 737 experienced severe rudder deflection during final approach to O'Hare last week. The NTSB is investigating. Anyone know anything about it?
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RE: Another 737 Rudder Anomaly?

Tue Dec 18, 2001 11:59 pm

The NTSB haven't publish anything on their website yet. That doesn't mean nothing happened. Everyone's gonna jump to the rudder hardover conclusion. That's not nessecarily true, although i'm sure some news coorperations aren't gonna see that.
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Another? The Original's Unproven...

Wed Dec 19, 2001 3:06 am

...notwithstanding the sensationalism surrounding the 737's rudders, the alleged "failures" have never been conclusively proven to have occurred.

It has been, and remains, highly speculative (and improbable).
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