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AA Vs. DL: 737-800 Overhead Video Monitors

Fri Jul 30, 1999 10:40 pm

Why do American Airlines' 737-800s have the video monitors hanging from the center of the ceiling, while Delta's retract from under the overhead bins? Are there benefits to one over the other? Personally, I like the way Delta has them as it makes it easier to see the screen.

RE: AA Vs. DL: 737-800 Overhead Video Monitors

Sat Jul 31, 1999 11:35 am

You'll have to excuse American Airlines: they haven't caught up in technology.

Well, my favorite way of viewing a movie in-flight is the old-fashioned way: the movie screen. It's big and it is easier to see(at least for me).

The monitors are neat but not big.
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RE: AA Vs. DL: 737-800 Overhead Video Monitors

Sun Aug 01, 1999 2:39 pm

I think there are advantages and disadvantages to all three types of entertainment systems (main screen, aisle-mounted CRTs, and drop-down LCDs). I think Main Screen video can be the best-- if you get a good viewing angle. I was recently near the rear of a JAL business class section, and had trouble seeing the movie on the screen because of heads blocking the picture. On a separate flight I was in a center bulkhead seat in coach-- the screen was just too close and the brightness became annoying after awhile. On the other hand, the drop-down LCDs are neat, but I've discovered some problems with viewing angle. I was in the window seat of an A320, and because the cabin was fairly bright (we were watching some of UA's short subject programming, not a movie), it was difficult to see the picture.