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Problems In Building The Boeing 777.

Thu Dec 20, 2001 7:16 am

Here is a story i composed based on a documentary on the B777.

The prototype of the Boieng 777 may have been a huge milestone in the aviation history. But the roots of the aircraft were very dim. When Boeing proposed the building of this aircraft, the entire company was very surprised and exited. However, problems would emerge that not many people fore saw. Different parts of the aircraft were manufactured in different parts of the world, and shipping them to Boeing factory was a problems in itself. Everything was going to plan until the unimaginable happened. The Tail part of the aircraft (i believe it was the rudder) had aerodynamical problems and had to be re-built and modified. Again and again the tail ran into difficulties. When the piece of the aircraft was finally finished, the inaugural flight was for some people a nightmare. Fears that the aircraft would fail began growing amongst the workers.

It took off....

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.... and now powers the civil aviation into the 21st century.