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Idea For A New Airliner Video

Mon Dec 24, 2001 1:54 am

I was just thinking the other day about all the great airliners that you have only seen in a few pictures,have flown on once (i.e., for me, Caravelle), or perhaps see only rarely in film footage on T.V. I would buy a video (or series of videos) in a heartbeat that would contain as much archival film footage of the famous (and not so famous) airliners in history. The closest attempt I've seen to this was a series of documentaries on the Discovery Channel, where every aircraft company that produced airliners was highlighted weekly. I have forgotten the title, but it was an British production and it was fantastic. I still could kick myself for not recording this great work of airliner history. The film footage was spectacular and the content so informative. Many airliners were extensively shown in archival footage during their developmental stages - from Airbus to Tupolev. Is there anyone today that would take on a project like this?
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RE: Idea For A New Airliner Video

Mon Dec 24, 2001 2:03 am

If you can find out what the title was and let us know where we can order it.
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