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The Power Of Explosives

Mon Dec 24, 2001 3:01 am

Hello all.

No doubt the media often reports nonsense and makes things more worse then they are.
But today in german television they showed what happens when C4 and TNT detonates.

They took just about 15gramms of C4 and cut a small hole into a boot. They then quenched it in there and applied the boot to metal simliar to the ones used in planes.

From 20m away they launched this bomb and it was amazing how much damage just this little ammount of C4 could do.
The metal was totaly disrupted. No doubt that this explosive that was carried on AAL63, if it was C4, would have brought this plane down.

I wonder what this guys motivation was.

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RE: The Power Of Explosives

Mon Dec 24, 2001 3:54 am

C-4 is one of the most powerful explosives known. There are two kinds. One being the European or Czechoslovakian made called Semtex, hence, it is more powerful than ordinary C-4. It is composed of two powerful explosives being RDX and PETN. These powerful high explosive compounds have extraordinary power ranging in detonation velocities from 7500 meters per second (m/sec.) to 8800 m/sec.
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RE: The Power Of Explosives

Mon Dec 24, 2001 6:13 am

I don't know what they used, but I saw this thing on TV once where they were testing what happens when an explosive goes off in an airplane. They were using an L1011 and pressurized it so that it was the same difference in pressure on the inside of the plane compared to the outside as it would be at 30 some thousand feet (the plane was on the ground). Some explosives were in the cargo hold. When they went off, the plane just ripped open. It showed views from the outside and the inside and it was amazing how much power there was.