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Share Your Rich International Experience

Mon Dec 24, 2001 9:39 am


Just wanted to hear everyones experience with Rich International. I flew with Rich from Toronto to Port Of Spain Trinidad twice. It was onboard the L-1011. The food was nasty as they served some beef that was cold. I heard that they never maintained their planes properly so that might be the cause of their death.

Share your Rich International Experiences.


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RE: Share Your Rich International Experience

Mon Dec 24, 2001 11:43 am

Both statements are true - I have read many horror stories in this forum about the maintenance of their planes. Their maintenance rivaled two other aeronautical monstrosities: Tower Air and Arrow Air.

I had the misfortune of flying Rich International from LHR to JFK. I flew on board N1805E, a DC-9-62. That plane wasn't too bad, but the interior had certainly seen better days when this bird flew for Braniff (yes, the one with the Alexander Calder scheme).

I guess, BWIA330, I should consider myself lucky that I wasn't served a "hot meal" on my trans-Atlantic flight. All 189 of us were handed a series of small, unidentifiable sandwich thingies in a plastic box while the plane was descending into New York.

Service consisted of a single flight attendant barking orders for everyone to shut their window shades (fortunately for me, mine was broken, so I could look out the window). That way, with the passengers in sound sleep, in-flight service was conveniently dispensed with.
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RE: Share Your Rich International Experience

Mon Dec 24, 2001 12:57 pm

Just a minor correction Fanofjets it was a DC-8-62.
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