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Mon Aug 02, 1999 12:37 am

Could anybody explain the -AU postfix I see on many 737s?
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RE: N***AU

Mon Aug 02, 1999 2:01 am

The N***AU code is splattered throughout USAirways's fleet. It is on both ex-Piedmont 737-*01 planes and pure-USAir 737-*B7 planes. For the ex-Piedmont planes, I found that they were originally delivered with N***N registrations, but I can't determine when they were switched to the N***AU marks. So seeing a USAirways plane with an N***AU mark won't really tell much about the history of the plane. The -AU postfix is also on some non-737 USAIrways planes.
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RE: N***AU

Mon Aug 02, 1999 10:20 am

Some of the USAir registration numbers for 737s also end are N***US. However being that the US is a popular two letter code, Northwest uses it quite frequently, USAir wasn't able to register all of it's aircraft in the same three digit number field with the US ending. Take a look at the new US Airways Airbus fleet. They are N***UW. They gave that reasoning above to keep all A319 & A320 aircraft within the same three digit number field.
Also you will see some other airlines, such as Frontier, Vanguard, old WestPac, that end in AU. They were old USAir aircraft that were either sold or returned to the leasing company by USAir and never changed by the new operating airline. The same also applies to the old USAir F28-1000/4000 fleet, ie: Horizon Airlines.
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RE: N***AU

Mon Aug 02, 1999 1:29 pm

As a Horizon mech, I can say albeit unofficially that these planes may have been flown by Ansett United, not sure why the N would be there...leased from US Air?