LH And Terminal One

Mon Aug 02, 1999 12:23 pm

I was just flipping through the latest LH's timetable and i noticed that of their 5 daily flights in and out of NYC, 3 are to/from EWR -1 to DUS, 1 to MUC, and 1 to FRA- whereas only 2 are out of JFK, both to FRA.
Am i wrong or isn't LH one of the airline that built JFK's new Terminal One along with AF, KE and ... ??? Dunno but why go through the financial burden of constructing a new terminal if you only have two flights a day there???? Is LH hoping for more slots at JFK? Can they have more than 2 flights there? Is their financial implication proportional to their use of the terminal?? I mean, AF's got something like 5 flights a day there...