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Thanks US Airways

Sun Dec 30, 2001 5:12 am

I just got back from a very eventful weekend in Buffalo, and I'd like to say, through all the difficulties with the weather US Airways was sincere, respectful, helpful and genuinely concerned with the needs of myself and other stranded passengers. After having an uneventful flight aboard the Shuttle to LGA my flight to BUF was cancelled (of course) I was immediately booked without question on the next flight into nearby Rochester thus getting me to BUF approximately on time. Now today I decided to go to the airport early to see if I could get on a plane to LGA on standby, because my travel was messed up on thursday I was immediately given a seat on the 640am mainline service to LGA instead of my 300pm Chataqua RJ service. Upon arrival in LGA I was placed on the next Shuttle flight to BOS. US Airways did an excellent job this weekend...things were truly messed up. BUF, recieved nearly 6 feet of snow in three days. I know they have not always had the greatest reputation, but US Airways served me well. Thanks US Airways! Anyone else have an interesting travel weekend???
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RE: Thanks US Airways

Sun Dec 30, 2001 6:23 am

Yes,BUF did get hammered! But here in ROC,we didn't get much at all. It's nice to hear something positive about an airline!
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RE: Thanks US Airways

Sun Dec 30, 2001 6:36 am

I was treated really well by America West yesterday on a LAS-SFO segment after SFO had the usual weather related ATC problems.
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RE: Thanks US Airways

Sun Dec 30, 2001 7:12 am

I belive USAirways has a good reputation when it comes to customer care and what not, i was supposed ot take a flighta roudn this time of year last year tho on usairways from FLL-PWM however the weather from PA-ME was really bad so they cancelled the flight sinc ei had a layover in PIT. well i got a choice of lke6 or 7 flights within the next 2 or 3 days and I was very impressed with that. I ended up taking a later flight just because it was more convientent but whatever other than that hto the airline was very curteous.
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