great Aviation Websites

Mon Dec 07, 1998 6:03 am

Hello everyone, I'd like to start a discussion about what makes for a great aviation website with a business slant. Any comments? I'd like to start us off by saying that a solid directory with a good selection of channels and topics is worth visiting.

This is my first time at this particular sight. I have not had a chance to fully explore it, but it makes a nice first impression.
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RE:great Aviation Websites

Mon Dec 07, 1998 6:07 am

You will soon discover that this IS the BEST
Commercial Aviation Website on the net!!!!
Johan the Webmaster is the best there IS!
Welcome AZpilot!
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RE: great Aviation Websites

Mon Dec 07, 1998 6:16 am

In aviation websites, I like just the info, none of that "We are so great" etc crap. Even though it may make the page more visually appealing, I don't like it.
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RE: great Aviation Websites

Mon Dec 07, 1998 3:23 pm

Whan I first saw this wabsite,I was EXTREMELY impressed with all the amazing photos.(especially the flight decks section) You have found what has got to be the best airliner website there is. Another on is the Boeing webpage.You can get a neat virtual 360 degree view of the MD-11 flight deck and cargo hold.

Airliners.Net ROX

Mon Dec 07, 1998 11:33 pm

This is surely one of the BEST, if not THE BEST aviation site on Earth.

Yep, Boeing has kewl gallery, plane families and virtual tours section.

Also, Lockheed's Aerospace Division is worth seeing, if you haven't already. And their Galaxy Modification site.

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Tue Dec 08, 1998 12:05 am

For Galaxy Modification got to Sorry...